Review Of Waste King VS Insinkerator Food Waste Disposers

Insinkerator vs waste king

Insinkerator – Is it all it is cracked up to be?

Why Waste King make a Better Disposer

The Insinkerator brand, like Waste King, has been around for a long time and has been heavily marketed in the UK in recent years achieving a dominant position being even sold in shops like John Lewis.  As the original inventor of the device back in the 1920’s Insinkerator can afford to coast a little on their name.  Waste King came a little bit later but have been making them for over 60 years now making them almost as old as Insinkerator.  They have had to up-their-game to beat the entrenched Insinkerator with a better product through improved design, construction, performance and longevity.   Waste King is simply a far more robust, compact and sleek engineered unit. This has paid off making them the brand leader in many markets around the World.   Waste King have not been marketed in the UK and so are more of an unknown brand here – not so in North America where they lead the market.


Here we present the technical reasons why Waste King are beating Insinkerator in so many countries.  These features are worth paying a premium for but in fact a Waste King unit is often sold cheaper than an equivalent Insinkerator making them unbeatable value – why waste your money on an inferior product?


Below we present a comparison of the 16 key features to consider before buying any brand of food waste disposal unit.  Alongside we list the significance and benefit of each feature. Obviously green is better and red is worse.  We are evaluating here the Waste King vs Insinkerator brands but you can use this checklist to see how any other brand matches up.


Wast King Cutaway

Waste King – A late starter but well ahead now!

Between them Insinkerator and Waste King make over 95% of the World’s waste disposers some as labelled units under other brand names.  Being first or biggest doesn’t guarantee that you are the best (like in cars where we all know that BMW makes a superior product to Ford despite BMW being a much smaller brand).  So too with disposers – you can see that Waste King despite starting a few years later really kicks Insinkerator’s ass on almost all fronts! There are plenty of other independent reviews  of both brands around endorsing this conclusion plus Amazon gives extremely high satisfaction ratings to Waste King buyers out of hundreds of purchasers.


In summary, Waste King has a higher speed of operation producing more grinding power with a simpler design, a more robust space-saving construction and longer warranties on both the motor and against corrosion of the unit. 


waste king vs insinkerator




















We repeat this table below since some browsers will not display the above table correctly.


Feature Significance Benefit Waste King Insinkerator
Permanent vs induction magnets in motor Twisting power is much higher and reached within first turn with permanent. No jams, no unjam wrench needed, no hassle and wasted time. Permanent Induction
Motor speed Power is proportional to speed squared Prevents jams.  Works quicker saving power and water. 2800 rpm 1725 rpm
Relative Grinding power Performance 300% more grinding power to the teeth Saves time, water and electricity and prevents jams 300% 100%
Auto-reverse jam sensor Complex electronics clears small jams automatically Saves time Not needed Yes
Multiple grinding chambers? Grinds food finer but takes more space Prevents blockages in pipework Not needed as higher speed and power Yes
Lifetime Warranty on motor Expresses confidence in product Doesn’t need replacing Yes No
Sound insulation Reduces noise More pleasant to use Yes Yes
Large market share Acceptance by others Low risk of purchase Yes Yes
Reset button at front? Easier to use Saves time Yes No
Quick fit EZ Mount system? Quicker to fit Reduces installation cost Yes No
Rated no 1 by US Consumer Reports Magazine? Independent review Reassurance in product Yes No
Corrosion Guarantee Length Doesn’t start to leak No need to replace unit Lifetime 7 years
Rust-free stainless grinding wheel? Stays sharp No drop off in performance Yes No
Physical size Takes up less space under sink Saves space for storage Smaller Bigger
Removable splash guard? Easy access to chamber Easy to clean or clear if wrong objects put down Yes No
Sleek simpler design Less to go wrong Lasts longer Yes No