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Koreans Deploy Waste Disposers to Avoid Smart Bin Fees

Koreans Save Money With Waste Disposal Units

South Korea has recently implemented a new waste disposal system.  Over half of the 229 municipal and provincial councils have implemented a pilot scheme to charge residents for food waste disposal based on weight.   A smart radio frequency identification (RFID) system is utilised that calculates the weight of waste automatically...
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Majestic Turning Torso Building Has Food Waste Disposers In Every Appartment

Scandanavia's Tallest Building Makes Big Use of Waste Disposers

The Turning Torso at Malmö in Sweden is Scandanavia's tallest sky scraper at 86m high.  This iconic building has 127 apartments and every single one is fitted with a food waste disposer.   Sweden leads Europe in the uptake of WDU's running at 54% of homes having them...
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