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Waste King Disposer Warranties Extended to Lifetime

Waste King Have The Longest Warranties On The Market

As from today all Waste King waste disposers supplied in the UK will carry a Lifetime Warranty on the motor and unit itself.  The warranty already existed on the WKI 8000 model but has now been extended to the cheaper WKI 3300 and WKI 2600 models.  The...
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Video – Waste King Destoys Breakfast Waste in Seconds

Video of Waste King in Action

See how the power of my Waste King WKI3300 disposer at work as it destroys my typical healthy breakfast  waste of 2 grapefruits, 2 bananas, 6 egg shells, coffee grains, strawberries and a whole large pineapple in under 30 seconds, something most waste disposers cannot cope with.  Even the pineapple's...
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