Waste King Customer Testimonials

We have only recently started marketing and selling this product in the UK so we have only a few testimonials from our customers so far.  However there are thousands of positive testimonials on Amazon and other sites covering the US that validate Waste King as a top quality product that does what it claims to perfection.

Far Better Than My Last One

I researched the market and found out that Waste King had the best reviews on Amazon and in the independent consumer reports.  It is also a very well respected brand that has been around for over 60 years so I decided to get one as a replacement to my old ISE unit that only lasted 3 years.  This one is so much better as I can put anything down it coffee grains, egg shells, all sorts of vegetable peels even pineapple skins.  Even better I don’t need any unjam wrench as it never gets jammed.  For a cheaper price too than the Evolution 100 this is an excellent buy.

Thomas Wilkinson, 30th June, 2016,

My new Waste King works fantastically well and is so quiet compared to my last Insinkerator unit which started to leak after just 2 years.  With a lifetime warranty I have complete peace-of-mind with this brand – I am very pleased with my choice.

Tony Sinclair, 22nd November 2015,

I replaced my old ISE waste disposer with a Waste King as I was fed up with it getting clogged up with coffee and not working.  The WKI2600 unit has not got blocked or jammed once and is also much smaller but also more powerful  – great product!

Susan Bates, 14th October, 2015,

I bought my Waste King a few weeks ago and am amazed at how effortlessly it gets rid of so much waste food.  Clearing up all the messy food prep pealings, leftover liquids and solids after a meal simply takes seconds – it couldn’t be easier just throw it down and it is flushed away instantly!

Anne Perry, Dorking, February 2015,