Waste Disposer Units 


We are independent distributors of Waste King and our own brand Waste Force waste disposal units based in the UK.  We sell and ship 220v units only to the UK, EC and anywhere in the World not currently served with Waste King.  To buy a Waste King or any of the related accessories please go to Shop on the menu above which will take you to our main Henley Fan website with secure payment processing.



Why use a Waste Disposal Unit?

There are many reasons, here are a few:

Anearobic digestor

Anaerobic digestion of food waste

  • Saves time and effort – It makes clearing up after a meal a breeze
  • Hygenic – No bad smells or health risks from rotting food hanging around in the kitchen
  • Saves space – Reduce your weekly rubbish collection by over half
  • Safety – No vermin and flies attracted to outside bins and bads spreading diseases
  • Cuts greenhouse gases – The food waste is recycled at the sewage works into electricity using anaerobic digestors instead of producing methane and CO2 in landfills.
  • Stop having horrible unhealthy slop bins – The waste is removed immediately from the kitchen and house instead of rotting in it.


Lifetime Warranties – No other brand can match!

All Waste King disposers bought from us all come with a lifetime warranty – the only brand on the market to do so.  Most other brands give just 2 years or at most a few year more as they are quite inferior quality products.

Waste King has made WDU’s for over 60 years and provides a manufacturer’s warranty on some models and we provide it on the rest as we believe so much in the brand and the product quality.  This gives a complete peace of mind for our customers!


Waste King – Ending 

In 2018 The Anaheim Manufacturing Company in Los Angeles who make Waste King were taken over by kitchen manufacturer Moen.  As a consequence they have decided to not renew their EC certification and so sadly after being sold in the UK for over 50 years will no longer be available once current stocks are sold out.  To obtain one of the last few please go to the Henley Fan website to purchase. 


Waste Force – Going Strong!

In 2014 Henley Fan introduced their own brand equivalent to the Waste King.  It is a high quality permanent-magnet motor waste disposer called Waste Force.  It is made by a factory in China that has been making WDU’s for over 40 years and is made to Henley Fan’s own high specification for performance, rugged durability and reliability with a built in safety air switch (which Waste King doesn’t have), no-jam design and motor protections. Waste Force comes with a 10 year warranty and better still it is 20% cheaper than Waste King so offers amazing value-for-money.



The Waste King in Action

In the short video below you can see just how powerful a Waste King unit is as it deals effortlessly with banana skins, grapefruit husks egg shells and even a pineapple including the tough fibrous crown, things most other disposers would almost certainly get jammed with.