Like any other machineries we use at a daily basis, our garbage disposal units need to be maintained.

They break down solid food wastes so that they may easily be drained down our sink and no matter how good the quality of the device you have, there will come a time when you have to fix it.

But how can you tell if your garbage disposal unit performance is working good or not?

Unless you have experiences in fixing it before, identifying whether or not it has a problem may not be easy. And even if you realize that your device has a problem, you may even choose to let it be hoping that constant flow of water will somehow get it functioning back at its best.

The thing is, it won’t and if you don’t fix it as early as possible, you will have more problems on it in the long run.

Below are top 3 basic signs that your garbage disposal unit needs a little bit of fixing. Go over them and see if your unit is showing any of these things.

1. Bad smell.

One of the basic and important benefits of installing a garbage disposal unit at home is that it helps you get rid of the bad smell arising from food wastes. The device crushes solid wastes so that they will easily be flushed down the sink.

If however you notice bad smell coming out of your disposal unit, it’s an indication that something is going on down on your device. Bad smell is a sign that a food waste is not properly broken down and is stuck on your device.

Take time remove the stuck food waste using pliers or tongs. Don’t forget to turn off any fuses to make sure the device won’t turn on while you’re cleaning it.

2. Sound on metal against metal

The sound of metal against metal can be a sign that there’s a broken or loose blade inside your garbage disposal device.

If you notice this problem on your device, it’s best to contact a person from an appliance repair company to have it fixed. Doing it by yourself may pose a risk of injuring yourself if not done properly and causing more damage on the device.

3. Unbroken food waste

As mentioned, the basic function of your garbage disposal device is to break down food wastes. So if you notice that it isn’t doing its job of crushing these wastes, then there’s definitely a problem.

It might be that the blades of your grinder have to be replaced so it’s best to contact a specialist right away for repairs. Otherwise, unbroken food wastes will eventually clog in your pipes leading to other complications like bad smell.

With the strain garbage disposal devices have to endure at a daily basis, it is very much important to clean them regularly.

Think there’s a problem with your own unit? Don’t hesitate to have it checked by a repair specialist. Ask for suggestions on how to keep it functioning well so you can do it the next time exhibits the same problem.

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