Your garbage disposal device has proven to be a handy and effective device in keeping your kitchen smelling good. You’ve been using it for a while and are confident that your device will go a long way in doing its job.

And then it suddenly broke.

For some reason, your disposal unit has not been working well. Water gets stuck on your sink. You hear the unusual grinding sound of metal against metal and smell the unmistakable odor of a rotten food.

Surely something is wrong. And you’re set to find out what it is.

Good news is, you’re not the only one who’s experiencing similar problems. Over the course of time, people who have been using garbage disposal units have in one way or another experienced being confronted by the same situation you are in.

Better news is, you can always get your device fixed by a professional. In cases of minor problems, you can even do it yourself.

Before you get you device fixed however, it is very important to understand what caused the malfunction in the first place. This way, you’ll get a hint of what went wrong and how you may avoid it next time.

Check out the top 3 main causes of garbage disposal device malfunction and see if you’re doing enough to address it. If your device has not yet malfunctioned, there is a big tendency that it will unless you address the following:

Cause no. 1: Electrical problems

Perhaps the problem is not on your end after all. There are instances that electrical issues might hamper the usual function of your disposal unit. For instance, if the device doesn’t work after you turn it on, there’s a big possibility that there’s a problem with your electrical system.

You may do the basic troubleshooting by resetting the device entirely (press the small button at the bottom of the device just under the sink) and turning it on again. If the problem persists, then you may need to call a professional help to fix electrical problems.

Cause no. 2: Stuck solid objects

Garbage disposal units are designed to crush and grind foods. But there might be instances where solid wastes like bones, glass or plastic goes down the sink as well while you’re doing your chores.

Remember that these are foreign objects and your disposal unit is not designed to grind them as well, thus increasing their tendency to get stuck and jam your device.

You may get the stuck object yourself using pliers or tongs but if you can’t do it yourself (i.e. if stuck materials can’t be removed by tongs) then you may want to call a plumber to dismantle your unit and remove the stuck object.

Cause no. 3: Old garbage disposal unit

And then we have this issue about age. Like any other devices, garbage disposal units will also wear down through the years. Remember that you use them daily and the strain of the workload (crushing and grinding foods) will soon take its toll on the device’s function.

If you’ve got a device that is too old and you notice some signs of malfunction happening more often, you may want to consider replacing the unit with a new one. Of course you can have it fixed. But if it’s too old, you may experience same problems more frequently and the total cost of repair you will have to pay may exceed the amount you will have to spend in buying a new one.

Think about it.

Now that you’re introduced to the top 3 most common causes of device malfunction, let me ask you this question: Are you experiencing problems with your disposal units? If so, is any of the three mentioned above the cause of the malfunction?

By now you should be able to identify what the problem with your device. If you’re not sure about it, feel free to contact us for support.

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