Air Switch Installation Instructions and Warranty

Airsink AS1000 Series Airswitch

These instructions can be downloaded and printed off Airswitch Installation Instructions if you prefer.

UK Air Switch Installation Instructions

Airswitch Installation Instructions

Models: AirSink AS1000 Series  ie AS1001, AS1002, AS1003




Always operate the product from a power source of the same
voltage, frequency and rating .

Do NOT operate this product if the power cord is damaged, or
the product appears damaged in any manner.

Do NOT immerse or expose any part of this product in any
liquid, or expose the electrical part to any moisture, or located
the electrical part near basins or other vessels containing water
or other liquid. The plug is fused.

This unit is for 220-240v 50 Hz power supply only. Do not
connect to any other power supply.


Configuration of air switchThis product contains components, including (UK version showing):

1.Button Body
2.Push Button
3.Disposer Socket
4.Switch Box
5.Air Tubing
6.Line Cord

To change the colour of the button and surround, grasp the body of the bellows and pull the surround (outer ring) from the bellows body if you also purchase changeable button.

The button assembly can then be removed from the bellows body, remove and replace with the preferred colour and reassemble into the bellows body.
To install the button, drill a 33mm hole into the work surface or
sink, at the preferred position of the working bench. Remove
the back nut and the washer first, then fit the button through the
hole. Fits the large washer back on, then the back nut, hand
tighten only.

Mount the airswitch adjacent to the product to be controlled in a
dry location vertically. Then connect the airswitch and the
button with the air tube provided.

Plug the airswitch into a switched and fused AC power point (ensuring the
power point is grounded properly). This power point should be 220-240v, 50
Hz and correct power rating.  The plug and socket must match the socket and
plug that you are installing it on ie UK to UK or EC to EC. Make sure the AC power point is switched off.

Arrangement of air switchPlug the product to be controlled into the airswitch 3-pin socket.

Turn on the AC power point. Test that the button to control (turn on/off) the product works correctly.


If the switch doesn’t work :

1.Check that you have power at the mains wall socket by plugging in another device to the wall. If that is not working then check the fuse at the wall and replace if faulty.
2. Check whether the airswitch works by plugging in another device to the airswitch. If that works then it is your disposal unit that is faulty. Check the fuse in the plug and if that doesn’t work then get your unit repaired.
3.If the device doesn’t work then the problem is with the airswitch. Check the fuse and replace in the plug if it is not working.  Unconnect the air tube and check for obstruction by blowing down it. Check that the button is working smoothly. Reconnect and retry.
4.  If all these checks do not rectify the problem then contact us for a replacement if it is within the 5 year warranty period. Please have your receipt no available.

Limited Warranty

The airswitches are warranted for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. It is a
“return to base” warranty which means that you need to contact us for an RMA
number and return address. Send it registered or recorded post since if it gets lost that
is your responsibility. We will test it and provided there is no evidence of misuse or
damage from the items mentioned below we will send you a new one.

The warranty is a limited product warranty that only covers defects in manufacturing
and/or materials. It specifically excludes damage or malfunction through abuse, misuse,
water ,flooding, fire, Acts of God, electrical power surges, faulty wiring to the unit or
incorrect installation or other similar reason.