Why waste space and cost on extra grinding chambers?

Many people think that the more grinding chambers you have on a waste disposal unit the better.  However with Waste King this is no so – less is definitely more!   We are told that we need more grinding chambers to ensure that all of the waste is ground up into the required fine particle size to avoid blocking the sewers.  Many manufacturers use a second or even third grinding chamber to get better results and consume more running power to do it.  They then market it as a great feature!   If they had bothered to design their units properly with sufficient torque (ie grinding power) and high efficiency impellers then only one chamber would be needed.  In fact it isn’t just unnecessary to have extra chambers but essential as you can get much done with one decent chamber than three poorly performing smaller ones.  The question to ask is “Why can’t your unit grind sufficiently with one chamber only?”.

Apart from the added complexity – and more things to go wrong – the extra chambers add a lot of bulk and increased size to the competitor’s units.  This complexity also costs extra money in the first place and in ongoing maintenance costs when it contributes to breakdowns.  Simply look at the units’ dimension and compare the sizes.

Fineness of grindHow do we know that these chambers are unnecessary?  They have been tested in the laboratory and the results are shown here.  In this test virtually all ground food from the Waste King AMC disposer passed through the 6mm sieve while almost half of the ground food from the leading competitor’s disposer did not pass through the 6mm  sieve.

Smaller food particle biodegrade faster than larger particles, keeping septic tanks, sewerage piping and drain pipes cleaner.   Larger food particles need far more water to flush them away properly and as a consequence tend to create clogging of drain pipes faster than smaller particles.  This clogging can also precipitate fat balls which over time can accumulate and lead to complete blockages of the sewer.  Buying a Waste King gives you confidence that your sewers will keep on flowing!