For a device that does a lot of work in the kitchen, wearing out as a result of frequent usage and age is inevitable.

It might continue working after few sets of repair but there will come a time that it will not really work the same way it does the first time you have it. In this case, you may have to consider buying a new set for your house to ensure that you maintain the conducive atmosphere in your kitchen.

But before you go on shopping for a new set of disposal device, you must take into considerations few things which will prove to be useful for you in the long run.

Below are 3 things you can include in your checklist to ensure that you get the best device there is in the market. If you’re satisfied with the current brand you’re using then go and purchase the same one for yourself.

But if you think you deserve something better, then shopping online will surely give you several great options!

1. Horsepower / Grinding power

Depending on how often you use it and how much workload you put on your device at a daily basis, the horsepower necessary for your garbage disposal device vary.

Small families for instance may require a lesser workload for the device (1/3 to ½ horsepower motor). ¾ horsepower and above are recommended for those households with more waste and has bigger workload deposit on the device.

2. Design and added features

Garbage disposal devices are not created equal. There are some who has features which are not present to other models.

In choosing your new disposal device, make sure that there’s a dishwasher connection installed. This allows foods on the dishwasher to be flushed away through the disposal system.

You may also want to check if the device is installed with a stopper covering the sink drain. This helps unwanted solid objects into falling down the drain, which is the usual cause of jamming.

For added features, you may want to check on your manufacturer if the device you want has an anti-jamming or auto-reverse feature that helps reduce the chances of jamming. Some units have this feature running in auto mode while some needs you to operate it manually.

Other important features include:

• Corrosion protection shields
• Overload manual reset buttons
• Self-service wrenches
• Anti-splash baffles

3. Warranty

No matter how good the promise of a product is, you can’t trust you’ll get what it offers unless your manufacturer gives you details on its warranty.

Make sure you get a written copy of the warranty details of the product. Should the salesman settle for a spoken one, have it written and signed by the appropriate people.

Unless there’s a written document between the agreement, you can’t be sure everything they promised will be performed.

How old is your garbage disposal unit? Are you planning on buying a new one? What are your personal criteria in choosing your brand?

Share us your thoughts and let us know of your experience!