home toolsIf you’re living on a typical household complete with all electrical appliances that you use at a daily basis, then having a kit for basic home tools is a must.

Basic home tools include those you use in fixing minor glitch at home such as a loose screw of a fan, clogged sink and broken pipe. These tools come in handy and should be available at your home any time just in case an emergency happens.

While it’s best to contact a professional to do a complete fix, it will help if you know the basic know-hows and can do something to prevent the progress of a damage while a technician or other trained professionals comes to rescue.

Below is a checklist of basic tools you should have at home just in case. Check if you already have them and consider getting one if you don’t have them yet.

  1. Hammers

Hammers come in very handy every time you need to nail something such as a portrait to a wall, a detached painting frame and all. Anything that requires hard pounding can be handled well with a hammer.

  1. Screwdrivers

These can come in flat-heat or cross-point form and both are useful so make it a point to secure one of each. Screwdrivers are best for tightening loose screw such as that from ceiling fans, cabinet handle and many more. Some of the big appliance problems need not to be handled by professionals.

All they take is a little bit of tweaking here and there to do the proper adjustments.

  1. Pliers 

Pliers are great company for pulling, twisting and pulling materials (stuck or not). It comes on different forms such as flat-nosed pliers, needle-nosed pliers, and channel locks. Secure one for each type! You’ll never know what needs to be pulled out.

  1. Drills

If it’s about drilling holes for attaching somebody, then drills are certainly your best choice.

  1. Nail and screw assortment

Now hammers and screwdrivers will not be complete without their perfect matches: nails and screw. Get an assortment of each!

  1. Packaging tape 

Whether it’s about covering something, attaching or wrapping something tightly, a good quality packaging tape will get you a long way.

  1. Carpenter’s glue 

If you don’t have a packaging tape or if something needs to be pasted, a carpenter’s glue will do the magic. Keep one at all times. If something’s broken, temporarily attaching it may prevent progress of the damage.

  1. Tape measure

Measurement is part of our daily lives. Perhaps one of the least used among other tools, a tape measure is nevertheless useful. You’ll never know when you need to measure something at a moment’s notice. It’s wise to keep this always at bay.

  1. Saw (and other cutting tools)

Saw and other cutting tools such as knives are winners in cutting and slicing. Whether it’s a simple tangled thread or the more complicated tangled wires, cutting tools come in handy.

Just a word of caution: Make sure you don’t cut yourself.

Depending on how much you like yourself to be prepared, the number of basic tools can go on and on. For now, let’s consider having a kit of these 9 basic tools and gear up for possible glitches at home!