See How Easy It Was To Clear Up The Christmas Dinner

You’ve spent hours doing all the buying of the food, then the preparation, then the cooking and then the climax of everyone eating it within 10 minutes followed by 10 minutes of digestion and chat.  Then comes the really hard work – the clearing up.  Once you’ve overcome the mental hurdle and managed to move your body into physical action anything that can make that painful step easier is very welcome.  For us the messy bit used to be separating the scraps from the liquids and then wrapping them up in newspaper.  Now in seconds it is simply all rinsed off the plates and down the sink before putting them into the dishwasher.

See the smile on my wife’s face – don’t worry I was taking the picture but continued to help to  clear up afterwards!  No mess, no paper, no hanging around – quick and easy job done.  After 8 minutes we then get onto the coffee and go and relax in the lounge in time to watch the Queen’s speech.  It’s a pity that the Waste King can’t do the pans and sweep the floor as well!