Left with loads of left over food to get rid of?

Instead of throwing it in the black bags to be cast into the Grunden bins outside where it will be taken to landfill at great cost to your company and the environment why not use a waste disposal unit?  Your company can now really start to claim to be serious about recycling and avoiding sending waste to landfills.   A waste disposer will instantly grind up the food waste into small particles that are then flushed down the sink to be digested at the sewage works.  This digestion produces biogas which is then burned to create electricity creating a carbon displacement saving and more importantly avoiding the production of harmful methane in a landfill.  Methane is 24 times more damaging than carbon dioxide to the atmosphere in terms of greenhouse warming.  It has been estimated in the USA, where 50% of homes and 80% of offices use waste disposers, that 25% of the total organic load going to the sewage works comes from disposers.  In the UK by the end of 2014 just under 90% of sewage sludge will be anaerobically digested to produce methane and electricity.

According to DEFRA in England and Wales, there were 497 operational permitted landfills at the end of 2009, which contain 614 million cubic metres of available landfill capacity. This equates to less than eight years of landfill life left at non-hazardous waste sites.

Apart from helping the environment a waste disposal unit will save on the monthly waste costs and will pay for itself very quickly.  It has been estimated that up to 35% of office waste is from food left overs.  Imagine how much it is costing to dispose of that?  Offices and businesses have to pay for waste disposal themselves.  The council will not do it and neither is it included in the council tax that a company pays.  If you have an office with more than 6 people the cost of buying and installing a Waste King can be paid back in under a year – now that is worth thinking about!