kitchen accidentYour kitchen is the perfect place to go on and experiment on new recipes and cooking styles but it’s also a place where minor and serious injuries usually take place.

Spending time in the kitchen requires a certain degree of caution especially that you are dealing with flame, cutting materials with sharp edges and hard, heavy objects that can potentially hurt you if not handled well.

Even the simplest kitchen utensil such as a fork can hurt you once careless.

So to spare you the hassle of thinking about what to watch out for while you’re happily cooking up something delicious, I’ve listed the top common kitchen accidents you may encounter.

Be careful and don’t let your guard down!

  1. Cuts

The kitchen is a place where you potentially get cut by anything sharp. May it be from a knife, opened can and its sharp edges, grinder on your disposal unit, and all other sharp objects pose a risk of getting you to the emergency room if not handled well.

Ensure that you keep all those sharp objects on a separate cabinet and have their pointed side facing inwards so you don’t accidentally grab a sharp edge.

  1. Burns

You cook therefore you use fire. Burns regardless of what degree has to be handled with care to prevent from infections but it’s always better if you prevent yourself from getting burned. Practice caution and make sure you wear the proper accessories such as hand gloves while handling hot objects.

  1. Spillovers

This is one common thing that can happen at a daily basis. Spillovers such as that from soup and water can prove to be dangerous especially if you stepped on it and lose balance.

Make it a point to immediately wipe off spillovers to avoid the risk of slipping (and possibly breaking a bone on the process).

  1. Chemicals in cabinets

I couldn’t stress this enough. Chemicals have to be kept tight on a place that will not contaminate your other kitchen utensils. Remember that chemicals are not created equal. There are some which contains higher degree of hazards and if you don’t want to risk being exposed to some of it, you should make sure you place it somewhere safe.

  1. Falling objects

Overhead cabinets are used to store objects such as gallons and cans and the possibility of these things falling over you is high if you don’t place them very well. Beware of these objects right positioning and double check whether or not you placed them safe enough (preferable 2 to 3 inches away from the edge).

  1. Fire

Fire is not only dangerous. It’s also disastrous attributing its potential of destroying other portion of your home. We’ve heard reports about fire due to faulty electrical wiring but a lot of these happen on the kitchen. Make it a point to regularly check your stove or cooking area to make sure everything’s working.

You can’t be careless.

Major kitchen accidents sometimes happen not because of faulty equipment but because of carelessness so don’t be careless!

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