Fed up with bi or even tri-weekly bin collections?

With many councils across the UK now seeking to reduce costs even further they are cutting the traditional core services to the bone by making bin collections not just every 2 weeks but by 3 weeks.  Gwynedd council in Wales was the first to go 3 weekly starting last October and they justify it by retaining weekly recycling collections.  Local residents are worried about vermin, bad smells, maggots and other predictable health hazards especially in the warmer summer months.  So what is the solution? Composting?

waste food reduction

Before a WDU


It is very simple Godsend – stop complaining and just install a waste disposal unit. You can sleep easily again at night knowing that nothing is going through your bins a few meters from where you are sleeping!  All the putrescible organic food and meat waste is instantly disposed of and flushed down the sink to the nearest sewage treatment plant where it is converted into biogas and then in turn electricity.  This makes a valuable contribution to the environment saving on carbon dioxide emissions.  Look at the huge reduction in the amount of bags of rubbish.  Fruit and vegetable waste is very bulky especially if you eat a lot like we do.  Above left is what our family of 4 produce in 2 weeks.  Right is what next door’s family of 5 produce in 1 week without a disposer, yes 7 bags!

Composting is being touted as a solution but it is very smelly, attracts insects and flies, and requires space – something that is not available to those who live in apartments!

With the cheapest disposers starting at under £100 it is a very cheap and cost-effective solution that will pay for itself many times over.   For those interested in a durable solid and powerful unit then go for a 3/4 hp product with a minimum of a 10 year warranty such as Waste Force or for a lifetime warranty a Waste King is a no brainer.