How a Waste King Can Pay For Itself

In a typical family of 4 will generate 3 -4 bags of organic rubbish a week.  Many councils now charge by the bag for anything over 1 bag a week per household.  This ranges from 50p-£1/bag which means up to £4/week.  So if you installed a Waste King disposer it would pay for itself in 2-3 years and after that save you up to £200/year.   If the council prices rise over time – which let’s face it they only do – then you’ll get your Waste King paid for in even less time and save more each year.

For offices and businesses the cost is much higher and the payback can be typically 6-9 months.  So you can get your Waste King for free and be saving money after that.  Plus you have the added pleasure of knowing that you are helping the environment by recycling your waste into electricity rather than allowing it to go to landfills where it produces harmful gases.