Sometimes you would notice some icky stinky smell in your kitchen. You have looked inside the fridge and the garbage bags but they all look clean. Then to your surprise, the stink comes from the garbage disposal unit.

What causes a stinky waste disposal

Isn’t a disposal supposed to be self-cleaning and able to get rid of waste and odor by its own? While that may be true, sludge can sometimes build up inside the chamber and can even cling on to the blades. Sometimes, food waste cannot be rinsed thoroughly from the disposal, causing it to decompose and give off that stinky smell.

Putting huge chunks of food waste also contributes to the waste buildup inside the disposal. This makes it more difficult for your unit grind, causing it to accumulate food waste. But you do not have to worry as getting rid of that odor is as easy as it gets.

Peeling the odor off

You do not have to spend on liquid deodorizers to get rid of that stinking odor inside the garbage disposal chamber. Just freshen that drain up with some lemon and orange peels. You can even use those peels from oranges and lemons that are about to turn bad.

To get rid of the stink with citrus peels, just cut them into at least a quarter and run them through the disposal. Keep the faucet on while you are doing this so the peels can easily be flushed down the drain. The ground peels will not only make your disposal smelling fresh, they can also scour up dirt that has built up inside the chamber.

Ice cold solution

Vinegar can kill bacteria, which makes it excellent in getting rid of odors. It is very effective in cleaning a garbage disposal if you freeze it into ice cubes. Put frozen vinegar cubes down the disposal and let it run (keep the water running, too). The cubes will not only scour the chamber where the sludge have accumulated, it can also sharpen the blades. For added scouring power, put some salt into the disposal before running it.

Doing it manually

Brushing with a dish or wire brush is one of the cruder yet still effective ways of cleaning a waste disposal unit. You can also use bleach when you do this. Bleach can kill odor-causing bacteria. There are also fragrant variants that leave a fresh scent. For your safety, be sure to unplug your unit before cleaning.

Don’t forget the lid

The lid can also accumulate sludge. Do not forget to clean it to prevent decomposing materials from building up. Brushing it clean should take care of the job. Cleaning your disposal at least once a week should be enough to keep your kitchen clean and odor-free.