Waste King Special Installation Offer

Waste Not – Want Not Special Fixed-Price Offer!

Waste Not - Want Not Offer LeafletEach month we will do a special fixed price offer for a particular town or city. You will have received a flyer  telling you about this.  We can save costs and you money by putting our installation team into a specific town for a month.  They can go down a street at a time doing installations without wasting time driving between customers far apart which is far more productive.


The Waste King City Offer


This offer is for the following:

1. One Waste King Legend International WKI3300 unit.

2. One Safety Air-Switch AS1001 including the button, pipe and electrical unit.

3. Undersink waste fittings, pipe and parts from McAlpine (ie the best brand to provide a solid sturdy and leak-free installation) to do the install (within reason ie 2-3).

4. Installation and labour including delivery by one of our approved installers.

5. 10-Year parts and labour service guarantee, done in your home.

6. Testing, instructions and demonstration to the customer.


The Offer Price



We have now reduced the price a further £100 so for an amazing 40% off you get the best disposer in the World, supplied and fitted with a full 10-year in-home parts and service no-worry guarantee – What more could you want? – Click here to buy now!


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Compare the Market

John Lewis are currently selling the UK’s market leading disposer, the quite inferior Insinkerator Evolution 200 product  on-line for £547 supply only.  This is a less powerful (same energy consumption but just 1/3 of the delivered grinding power) bulky design, nearest equivalent unit that takes up more space and significantly underperforms the Waste King in many ways including jamming.  The reliability of the Insinkerator can be summed up the fact that if has a relatively short 6-year guarantee compared to the 10-year Waste King guarantee (and Lifetime Corrosion warranty) that we are offering.

Still not convinced?  Then don’t take our word for it just look at the independent US Consumer Magazine reports (equivalent of Which?) where Waste King is rated the best disposer on the US market.  Also look at the many other reviews both from consumers on websites like Amazon and from review websites – why settle for second best!


Terms and Conditions

The offer is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1.  The availability of a spurred fused electrical socket under your sink.  Most kitchens have one but if you don’t then an electrician will charge £30-50 to fit one.

2.  Available space under your kitchen sink.  We will reconfigure the routing of the waste pipes for which we will use top quality McAlpine fittings (price included for a typical configuration – we reserve the right to charge for extra fittings if this is not the case). The disposer will normally sit under the half-bowl but can sit under the main or only bowl if required.  We will need to either cut-out a space in your middle cupboard shelf or take it out altogether if that is not possible.

3. Availability of a space for the air-switch button on the sink ( normally filled with a blank plug that can be removed)  or we can drill a hole in a wooden work surface to fit it.  We cannot drill holes in granite, marble or other hard and factory machined surfaces.

4. For the 10 year extended warranty you need to register your details on this site otherwise it is valid for only one year.

5. Only available for residents of Twyford/Wargrave/Hurst/Henley until Dec 15th 2013.  Other cities to follow.


To Buy and Book The Installation

Please follow this link to the shop on our main Hunter Fan site to make payment.  One of our staff will then contact you within 24 hours to book a convenient slot for one of our installers to come and do the job.  You will be asked to sign a Job Completion Satisfaction form once it is finished.  It should take approximately 1 hour.


Complete Peace of Mind package – Book Your Slot Now – Limited Availability!


Extend My Voucher

This offer ends as soon as we are sold out or on December 15th  2013.   You can extend them for up to a year and when we are next in your area we will contact you by email to let you know so you can place your order and we can schedule the installation.  We cannot say when this will be as it depends on demand but we are planning to do an annual cycle.  To do so please complete the form below.  Please select an existing offer from the list on the form.  Once the offer date has closed then the offer is withdrawn is no longer available and it will not show on the form.


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