If after reading all the benefits a garbage disposal can give and you still find yourself unable to get one, then it’s either you need more coaxing or you just don’t want to.

I hope it’s the former. I’ve heard testimonies about what garbage disposal can do and how well it performed and I really hope you’ll reap the same benefits that those people are getting.

So today, we’ll take a break from the how-to information and feature guidelines and dive in to what people are saying about their experience with their disposal units. (Note: These are select comments published at on houzz.com )

Here they are!

I can’t imagine keeping smelly rotting food either in my home or outside in the compost bin for animals to get in to. I really like my garbage disposal.

Interesting. We just remodeled our kitchen and put in a garbage disposal and use it every day.

This question and the responses are shocking to me! I can’t imagine living without a garbage disposal!! I have a septic system and have never had a problem in 19 years and I use my disposal several times a day. I only have once a week trash pick-up so putting garbage in my trash, especially in the summer is unthinkable. I throw a lot of things out in the woods for the critters and don’t put highly fibrous vegetables down the disposal, but not having one at all is not even a consideration for me.

Mega Builders
Its a great convenience, so why not?

Norwood Architects
An absolute necessity. They help break down solid foods before hitting the sewer system. This is one of the reasons health/sewer officials require them in restaurants.But make no mistake, do not buy a lower end model.

Belle Chaise
Have never had problems with a garbage disposal. Not having one would be close to not having a toilet.

These are only few of what garbage disposal unit users are saying about their experience.

Take not however that there are places like Canada where the use of garbage disposal is not allowed.

But if you are allowed to get one for yourself, why not?

Of course the choice will also depend on the lifestyle that you practice. If you are pro-organic however and have a septic tank or large backyard lawn, then you may prefer to organically eliminate those food wastes by burying them underground.

Again this is a personal preference. If you still can’t decide whether or not to get yourself a unit, you may begin by asking:

  • Why do (and why don’t) I need a garbage disposal unit?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages that I will have if I buy one?
  • Am I having some problems or issues regarding garbage disposal?

You know your lifestyle best.

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