The ‘humming’ sound you hear from your garbage disposal device can be both an indication of a simple fluke or a more serious problem.

Either way, you need to make sure that you resolve the problem as early as possible. You’ll know it’s a simple fluke when you restart your device and find after that the humming sound is gone. If however the sound continues, then something on the device itself is most likely causing it.

Keep in mind that there are only two causes of your devices ‘humming’ sound:

  1. Stuck flywheel
  2. Seized motor bearing

A stuck flywheel means that it fails to rotate. Meaning, all the solid food that are supposed to be crushed and drained down the sink are also stuck. To dislodge the stuck solid foods on the flywheel, take caution and do the following steps:

  1. Turn off your garbage disposal. (Unplug it from its socket)
  2. Examine the cause of the jam. Use a flashlight to see possible solid food wastes that are stuck into the garbage disposal. You can use pliers or tongs to manually remove these stuck objects.
  3. If for instance you can’t see or remove the stuck object with pliers or tongs, try turning the flywheel using the offset wrench that comes with the device. Never put your hand directly on the grinding panel for safety purposes. Turn the flywheel clockwise until it begins to turn freely. This is an indication that you’ve already dislodged the jam.
  4. Once the jam is removed, plug in the device and turn the power on.
  5. To make sure we reboot it completely, press the reset button on the device.
  6. Pour water. Flushing water directly onto the device will remove whatever remaining stuck objects on it.

These steps are the basics of fixing a stuck flywheel and your garbage disposal unit should work right after you perform them. However, if the problem persists, the problem might be on the motor bearing, which in this case, you will need to replace your device.

Consulting a professional

Since a seized motor bearing requires replacement of the device, you may need to call the help of a professional to remove and re-install a new one for you. Once you do, make it a point to ask suggestions on what to do next should the device malfunction. It always pays to know something from the experts after all.

Avoiding Future Clogs

Your garbage disposal device is mean to crush down solid food waste. It is not meant for any non-food items like glass, coins, plastics and all. To prevent future clogs or jams, make sure that you refrain from having these materials flush down your sink.

Fibrous materials like avocado peels and corn husks are also difficult to ground so you may also want to have these materials away from your garbage disposal device.

How often does your device clog? Have you asked a professional to check it? Share us your stories on the comments below!