If you’ve successfully assembled your garbage disposal unit, there’s no way why you’ll not be able to disassemble it!

Disassembling your garbage disposal unit may be for different reasons. May it be to fix a certain glitch on the machinery or a total removal for replacement of a new one, the process works the same way.

What you need to remember though is to use the proper hand tools while disassembling and turn off all the electrical connections that go with it.

So if you’re now ready, let’s start disassembling!

First off, prepare the following materials:

  • Wrench
  • Large monkey wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • WD-40
  • First aid kit (Which we hope will not be used along the process, but just in case..)

Now to start off…

1st: Turn off the breaker of your garbage disposal unit from the fuse box. I can’t stress this enough. Be sure you’ve turned off the right breaker by testing it. You couldn’t be too certain. How will you test it? Try turning on other electrical devices around your garbage disposal unit. If they don’t turn on, then you’ve found the right breaker.

2nd: Turn off the water valve by turning it clockwise until it’s tightly shut.

3rd: Using the wrench, disconnect the water pipes from your garbage disposal unit. You can do this by turning the cuffs (using your wrench). It should then slip off from the unit after few turns.

4th: Remove the collar mounting ring away from the device using the screwdrivers. You can do this by slipping the screwdriver beneath the collar mounting ring and gently prying it away.

5th: Using the large monkey wrench, twist the garbage disposal unit while at the same pushing it upwards. This should make the disposal device to come apart easily.

6th: Do the same twisting with the other parts of the device: hopper, clamping ring, motor housing gasket, shredder, impeller, drain chamber and shredder housing. Each of these parts will turn and will eventually disconnect from the rest of the pieces.

7th: Should there be any part that will not disconnect, use the WD-40 for easier removal.

There you have it! Your garbage disposal unit is successfully uninstalled!

Just remember that while reading this instruction seems easy you might encounter few problems in disconnecting the parts especially if the unit is old. The tendency is some of it might have stuck together so much and might have been rusting.

Practice caution in using the wrenches as well. Hard turning and unscrewing of parts may cause the material to slip off your hand and land for instance on your foot. You may also get cut by certain sharp parts of the system so it’s better if you carry along with you a hand flash light as well.

But if you think you are not capable of disassembling the device much as how you assembled it, then never hesitate to ask for help from a family member or a professional.

Doing it yourself is great but if you’re not confident about it, then ask somebody’s help!