There is no such thing as a perfect device – free of defects, malfunctions and other technical issues.

Devices also have their limits and over time, they become apparent. It is then wise on your end to make sure that prior to purchasing a device, its manufacturer or seller does their end of the deal – to stand by their product.


Warranty is a promise. It’s an assurance given to you by your manufacturers that in case of product defects or other technical problems, they will help you sort it out for free. Warranty is your security. For instance, if you purchased a product and find out that it’s not functioning, warranty gives you the right to demand for a replacement.

It’s also important to remember that federal law requires manufacturer to provide warranty to its customers regardless if it’s on onsite or online shopping. So the next time you shop for something, be sure to look this out firsthand.

Spoken and Written warranty

Some manufacturers may settle just for a spoken warranty to their buyers. In this case, make it a point to have everything said in writing and have the salesperson (or any authorized personnel of the company) to sign it.  This will ensure that all things they said will be performed in case of product defect and all.

If a warranty document is included in the package of your product then great! All you need to do is to READ, UNDERSTAND AND KEEP it for future purposes.

Below are things you should check upon reading the company’s warranty statement:

  • Parts and repair problems covered 

Will it cover the expense needed for the repair of the entire product? Or does the repair warranty just good for one or two parts of the product?

  • Conditions and limitations of the warranty

What are the conditions does the company accept for the warranty to be valid? Will the warranty cover the labor and shipping of the defective product or do you have to separately pay for it?

  • Duration of the warranty

Until when will the warranty be valid? Some companies offer a year or two warranty and some covers a lifetime. The duration of the warranty could be your indication of how well the company trusts its products’ performance.

  • Who to contact to avail of the warranty service

Is there a direct line I could call in case I need to avail of the service? Who will I look for? Most, if not all, companies have their own customer service department who will take care of your issues. Be sure you have the number right.

  • What will you get in case of a product failure

Check if the company will repair, replace or refund your money back in case of a product failure. How they handle this issue may be your basis for choosing your manufacturer.

You can’t be too careless in your garbage disposal device so make sure you get the best warrantee service you can have!

Got any specific issues on your device’s warranty? Share it with us!