Do you believe that waste disposal units are only good for households with a lot of family members?

Do you believe that small families, much more single resident shouldn’t invest on these devices too?

If so, then I urge you to think again.

What made you say that these devices are only beneficial for big families and not for small or individual ones?

Some will argue that since the whole point of having a disposal unit is to clean food wastes to reduce the risk of developing bad smell within the houses’ vicinity then small families with minimal food consumption can simply let of this.

After all, it’s just a little bit of waste, isn’t it?


Any amount of waste, regardless of how much, when accumulated can still affect the quality of living in that area.

I personally believe small families need a disposal unit in their house for the following reasons:

  • They consume food the same as how other families do.
  • Their garbage is collected the same schedule as with that in the neighborhood.
  • Family members are susceptible to bacteria and other health hazards if hygiene inside the kitchen and house is not maintained.
  • These devices are part of the overall well-being of their houses.

Just because they’re smaller in size doesn’t make them any stronger to resist stress levels and more so health hazards that improperly disposed food wastes do.

Waste disposal units are made to suit the needs of various family setting. Whether you are a big family, small family or an individual living in a single-room apartment, there’s a unit that will work best for the workload you demand.

To add emphasis on my point, let’s look at again the benefits everyone will have access to while using their garbage disposal device:

  • Absence of the presence of ants and insects
  • Reduce risk of clogged pipes
  • Cleaner and fresher kitchen
  • Absence of bad odor lingering on your kitchen caused by decayed food wastes
  • Lesser stress

Everyone deserves to enjoy these benefits. In fact, I consider disposal unit already as a requirement in every household.

Do you have your waste disposal unit installed at home? How was your experience about it? Do you think your home (particularly your kitchen) will be a more conducive place to stay at with the device installed?

Share your thoughts with us!