No matter how you take good care of your garbage disposal device, there will always be the chance that it might break down.

When this happens, you should be able to know what to do to refrain from incurring more damage on the device and to make sure that you remove or stop whatever is causing the malfunction.

Today, we’ll look into some of the things you can do the moment your precious disposal unit breaks down.

Note: When doing any troubleshooting on your device, be sure to unplug your device. Practice caution.

Leaking problems – Tighten the Bolts

Your disposal unit has bolts that hold it in place. Once these bolts loosen, you will see water leaking on the sides of the sink. Now this is uncomfortable – dirty even – if you consider that those water are somehow mixed up with your food residue.

Basic step you can do on this problem is to tighten back the bolts using screwdriver. Usually, this step will stop the leaking. However, if the problem persists, you may need to call a professional. While leaking is a simple problem, it might be an indication of something more serious within the device.

No power on the device – Check the reset button

Sometimes, the sight itself of our disposal unit not working causes panic. We tend to shift into this automatic mode of finding out what’s wrong or if something is broken or even as far as thinking the expense we would need to have it fixed.

Well the thing is, you can get through with all of these hassle by simply resetting your device. Of course, you have to make sure that it’s plugged on the outlet. There are instances when the plug is pulled out of its socket and we’re not aware of it so just in case, check that it’s plugged in.

Next, press the reset button to restart the entire device. This should do the trick. Otherwise, you may call a pro to help you out.

Unbroken foods – Check and replace the grinder

Since the device is always exposed to solid foods and grinds these materials at a daily basis, the possibility of dulling your blades for your grinders is high.

So don’t be surprised if one day, you’ll find some solid food residue unbroken. It’s an indication that you may need to replace your blades. Observe closely how your blades function by turning off the device (unplugging it) and turning it on again. Watch how your blades break solid foods with a flashlight. If they’re not breaking the foods into small pieces, then a replacement may be the appropriate action.

Help of a Professional

As you may have observed, further complications on your disposal unit will always end up with the consultation of a professional.

Consulting a well-trained technician to fix your device is the most preferred option especially if don’t have any experiences in fixing one before. Besides, you may also ask suggestions from technician on the basic troubleshooting you can do the next time the device shuts down.

Got any experience with a broken disposal device?

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