Blocked Pipes & Drainage System


One of the most common and hassle problem a household could experience is a blocked pipe and drainage system.

It’s hassle and can impede us from using our disposal units in our kitchen at its maximum capacity. A blocked pipe can eventually cause water overflows in the sink which is not just inconvenient but also unhealthy considering the foreign and rotten materials that may have been mixed in the water that overflowed.

Therefore, it’s important that we take note of the most common causes of blocked pipes and drainage to ensure that we don’t throw them down our sink.

Cause no. 1: Grease and fat

Grease and fat are the most common causes of clogged pipes as they are usually flushed down every time you wash the dishes.

While the thought of just flushing down the grease and fat in your plate or frying pan is convenient, what happens to it right down is not at all appealing.

Grease and fat have the tendency to solidify in the long run, eventually blocking your pipes and preventing the passage of water.

Cause no. 2: Foreign objects

Foreign objects are basically anything that has nothing to do with your pipes or drainage system or the decomposition process.

Things like hair, soap, cotton balls, paper, medicine pills, glue and paint are among those foreign objects which are often the culprit behind blocked drainage system.

The general rule is, if it’s not a food waste, you don’t throw them down your sink. Strangely, despite being warned about this beforehand, more and more household are still reporting cases of blocked sewage systems.

Cause no. 3: Incorrect pipe installation

And then we have incorrect pipe installation. A lot of people will now go for installing pipes and other devices at home by themselves so as to save some expense in paying for a professional technician or plumber.

However, despite step by step guidelines provided on different reliable web sites (such as that of Waste King’s how-to guides in installing a disposal unit), there are still cases of poor installation among the households.

This results to misaligned pipes, loose screws and the like which eventually harms the overall process of your drainage system. A pipe which is not properly installed can cause drainage clogging along the way. Even if the disposal unit in your kitchen functions well, a broken pipe will still disrupt the entire process.

Cause no. 4: Hair

Hair falling down the sink doesn’t look so alarming as huge chunks of food being thrown down on it so a lot has been dismissing the idea of preventing hair from being flushed down.

Unfortunately, like grease and fats, hair can also clog your pipes when it accumulates. While some fats can be flushed down using a mixture of lukewarm water and few mild detergents, hair is harder to deal with. It doesn’t rot and does not yield to any attempts of liquefying it.

Once hair blocks pipes, you’ll have to remove it by disassembling the pipe entirely.

Have you been throwing anything on the list down your drain? Are you experiencing any trouble with your drainage system?

We’d like to hear your experience!