What if your garbage disposal unit broke? And what if you’re not yet planning to buy a new one 2 months from now?

How will you handle the food waste for the next weeks?

If such is the case, then it’s best to be able to know the alternative waste disposal methods you can use.

Below are some methods you can use to dispose off your garbage in the absence of a garbage disposal unit .


  • Requires large areas of land (if you have a huge vacant lot on your backyard then you can opt for this method)
  • In this process, biodegradable materials are placed an enclosed vessel, a pit or a tunnel wherein natural microorganisms break them down.
  • The resulting product of this method is called compost, an organic material that can be used as soil supplement that can help plants grow.

Anaerobic Digestion (biogas technology)

  • Unlike composting which requires the presence of oxygen to break down wastes, this process doesn’t need oxygen to do the process, which in turn produces renewable energy to be used for generating heat and electricity.
  • Several countries like Sweden, Austria and Denmark have invested in biogas technology. They see it as practical means of transforming various organic waste to renewable energy.

Feeding animals

  • If you have pets at home, you can actually feed them with your food. Just make sure to consult the veterinarian to ensure that the foods you are giving them are appropriate for their health.

Give away foods

  • Sometimes, we cook foods too much for our family’s consumption. If you don’t want to store the food, then better give it to your neighbors, charities, and friends rather than throwing it away.

And then we have those which you can do to reduce your waste without throwing anything…

Proper storage of foods and leftovers

  • If you have a surplus of any foods, preserve them.
  • For fresh fruits which you will not be using immediately, freeze them.
  • Freeze leftover soups and pastas which you may want to eat later on.
  • Play on your kitchen and turn your leftover foods to something else. You may search for some recipes that specifically include your leftover foods.

The most important thing here is you get to dispose foods without wasting any. Just one tip: when you cook something, better do an estimate in advance rather than just cook to your heart’s content.

Consider the following:

  • How many people will eat?
  • How is their usual appetite (Do they usually ask for seconds during meal, etc.)
  • Can I use this food later on as a supplement to another dish?

Be mindful of your habits. Not having a garbage disposal unit is not an excuse for you to just let those ants and insects crawl their way to your food wastes.

Maintain your house’s hygiene and the general health of your family!

Any other tip you want to add on how to dispose your food wastes? Shout them out on our comments!