UK Waste King & Waste Force Extended Warranty

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Extend Your Warranty

Your new Waste King or Waste Force unit is warrantied for one year from the date of purchase. If you register your purchase here you can obtain a free extended warranty on your waste disposal unit. We will also keep you appraised of our latest offers .  This page is only for 240v units purchased directly from us or from one of our approved resellers in the UK.  We do not cover warranty claims for any products not purchased directly from us or from one of our approved resellers. 

The Small Print

The warranty is a limited product warranty that only covers defects in manufacturing and/or materials.  It specifically excludes damage or malfunction through abuse, misuse, flooding, fire, Acts of God, electrical power surges, faulty wiring to the unit or incorrect installation or other similar reason.  All warranties are on a “return-to-base” basis, ie we can troubleshoot the product over the phone following the advice below and if it doesn’t work then you will need to return it to us for testing and replacement at your cost.   If it is found to not be faulty in any way we will return it to you for just the carriage cost.  If it is faulty then we will repair or replace it.

We started importing these units into the UK in October 2013 so if you obtained your unit prior to that or in another country then please contact the company you purchased it from.  If they no longer exist or you have a different model then please contact us as we might be able to help.  The warranty is not transferable to new owners or properties.  Your unit must have been installed correctly according to the instructions by a professional plumber.

All data is kept private in a secure database and is not shared with any third parties.

Technical Help & Repairs

If your unit stops working then please follow this procedure:

1. Check that you have power to the socket by plugging in another appliance.  If you don’t then it is an electrical problem with your supply.

2. Check that the fuse in the plug has not blown by replacing it with a new one.

3. If the unit jammed due to something metal falling inside it then remove the metal from the grinding chamber after first unplugging the unit.  Check that the turntable can rotate freely.  If it can’t then try to use the end of a broom handle to lever it to get it unjammed.  This will normally work.   Then plug it in and press the reset button on the side of the unit.  The unit has a motor power overload protector on it to prevent damage in the case of a jam.  If the jam is not cleared then the reset button won’t work.  If you cannot clear the jam then a repair will be required.  This is not covered by the warranty – please contact us for a quote.

4.  If water will not run through the unit and is backing up then you probably have grease/fat blocking the unit.  If you poor fat down the unit be sure to first mix it with a generous does of washing-up liquid to prevent this happening.  You can clear it with either hot water and washing-up liquid followed by citrus fruit such as a lemon or orange.   A big bag of ice can also help clean out a unit.

5. Remove any debris that is sitting in the chamber such as stringy material and check that it is clear.

6. If the unit is dead for any other reason other than damage caused by misuse then please contact the office for an Returns Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) number and return the unit to us for testing/repair/replacement.

7. Smells – there should be no bad smells coming from your unit.  If there is then it could mean that the u-bend under the unit is full of gunge and needs undoing and cleaning.  To clean the unit itself and maintain it clean you can put a lemon/orange/citrus fruit down regularly.  If that doesn’t work then put some neat bleach down the unit and run the unit for a few seconds before leaving it to soak in and work.  The sink guard should be taken out and placed in a cup of strong bleach solution regularly to keep it clean.


Free Extended Warranty

The extended warranties are:

Waste King International WKI-2600   10 Year or Lifetime depending on your purchase

Waste King Interntational WKI-3300  10 Year or Lifetime

Waste Force WF100 10 Years

Wast Force WF200 10 Years

Please enter complete information in all of the fields below.  We will send a confirmation email back. Please not that on submitting a claim this information will be verified before any replacement unit is provided.

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