Why Use A Waste Disposer?

Why Use A Waste Disposer In Your Kitchen?

Why Invest in a Waste Disposer


We love our Waste King, it makes clearing up a breeze!”  Roger and Sam Anderson, Finchley

Benefits of Using a Waste Disposer

A waste disposal unit brings many benefits to a modern day kitchen and is
no longer the preserve of expensive homes. With ever rising waste costs
being passed on to the consumer and recycling schemes now mandatory,
it makes perfect sense to invest in one:


  • Disposes of kitchen waste instantly – all manner of scraps,
  • leftovers, peelings, veg, fruit husks and even poultry bones.
  • Saves time – clearing up is so much easier and quicker.
  • Hygienic – no more rotting waste to deal with.
  • Saves space – all that bulk food waste is gone.
  • Stops vermin & insects – rats and vermin are no longer in your bins.
  • Stops bad smells and mess – No more split bags to deal with.
  • Reduces your recycling bins – saves time, space and mess.
  • Saves landfills and greenhouse gas production.
  • Recycles your waste into electricity.
  • Greener and better than composting.
  • Saves money on bin bags.

What Could Be Easier?

Just turn on the tap, push the air-switch button and throw
in your waste. It is simply and safely ground into fine
particles in seconds and then flushed down the sink to the
sewage works. Here it is recycled into electricity avoiding
the production of harmful greenhouse gases and adding to
landfills – a double benefit for the environment!