Waste Force Increase Warranties On All Units

Waste Force are now offering as standard a full 10 year warranty on all their waste disposal units making them unbeatable value  since they are the only unit on the market with such a long warranty for under £180.   This compares with the 2 year warranty offered on Insinkerator and many other brand units.  How can they offer such good warranties?  Because they are confident in the quality and longevity of their products.   Each Waste Force disposer model has a higher specification than it’s closest competitors offering unbeatable value for money.   Low price units are usually very poor quality but not Waste Force whose manufacturer has been making them for over 20 years.  Food waste disposal is an aggressive activity and calls for a really robust standard of design and manufacture.  The units are made in an ISO 9000 certified factory in China with a long standing reputation for quality.  Waste Force doesn’t compromise on any of the components and specifications focusing on what is needed to give outstanding and reliable performance.