Waste King Approved Installers

Use a Waste King Approved Installer

Plumbers and Kitchen Installers

Over the next year we are looking to build a network of approved Waste King installers or plumbers to cover the whole of the UK.  We will appoint a maximum of 2-3 per town and will provide a steady stream of work in return for doing a quality fixed-price installation, in a customer friendly way for our customers.  You will need to have good experience of installing sink wastes and/or possibly electrical sockets.  If you are interested in learning more then please contact us by email with your CV to sales@hunterfan.co.uk.


Customers Looking for Installers

If you wish to use one of our Waste King Approved Installers (WKAI) to fit your Waste King unit then please email us with your address to sales@hunterfan.co.uk or via the contact page on this site.  Coverage will be limited to start with until we have our full network of installers appointed but we can try to help.


Costs of Installation

These will depend on whether you have a fused electrical socket under the sink already.  If you do then the installation is a straightforward job and shouldn’t take a competent person more than two hours or cost more than £250+VAT including the air-switch (provided it is going into an existing blank on the sink or into a wooden work top not a granite or marble one).  If available in an area our WKAI will charge a fixed price of £150+VAT including parts and travel.