Waste King Installation Videos

Simple Installation Videos for Waste Kings

How to Install a Waste King

The job should be quite simple and take a competent DIY person or professional no more than 1 hour.  It can be installed with a few fittings and modification to the existing under-sink plumbing.   The middle shelf will need to be removed and can be cut to fit to preserve half of it’s area if it is really needed.  There should be an electrical spur under the sink with a fused switch at head height either on the wall or in a nearby cupboard.  If not then one will need to be fitted.  The existing half sink waste pipe is removed and the disposer’s sink ring fitted either with the rubber seal for stainless sinks or putty for ceramic ones.  The Waste King can be attached using the EZ-Mount quick fit fitting which simply twists 1/8 turn and the waste pipework modified using good quality McAlpine fittings and that won’t leak.  A dishwasher outlet can be connected to the unit.  The air-switch is essential to maintain safety and consists of an air-switch operated by a button that is mounted on the sink.  A blank may be present but if not then a hole needs to be drilled to fit it in.  The electrical switch simply sits between the disposer and wall like a travel adapter.  Once it is all connected and checked the job is done!  See the installation video below for detailed instructions – bearing in mind that these are USA videos so please adapt the electrical aspects for the UK and EC!

Waste King Disposer Installation (EZ Mount)