garbage disposal device maintenanceGarbage disposal unit breaks down food residue effectively but as you continually use it at a daily basis, the combination of solid food waste and grease can also start to take toll on the device.

There will be instances where solid food wastes such as that of fish bones get stuck on the drainpipe and removing it is a necessity to ensure that your disposal will keep functioning at its best.

Always keep in mind that we’re not just talking about long-time guarantee of a fully functional waste disposal system. More importantly, we are trying to maintain a hygienic environment for our family.

Food wastes stuck in your disposal device can produce bad smell in the long run if not taken care of and by then, it’ll be more difficult to clean considering the bad odor you have to endure while doing so.

Today, we’ll look into 3 proven and tested ways to clean your garbage disposal device. These steps are easy to do and can always be done anytime some waste disrupts the normal function of your disposal units.

Take time to read through them and try them out the next time you go for your routine cleaning!

1. Manually remove lodged objects.

If for instance a solid waste material is lodged down on your garbage disposal unit, you will have to remove it manually. Make sure that you turn off your disposal unit prior to cleaning to avoid injuries.

Pliers or tongs and flashlight may prove handy while doing this so might as well grab yourself one if you don’t have them yet.

2. Flushing the waste down with ‘hot’ water

One of the basic things you can do to remove waste, especially grime is by flushing them down using hot water.

Hot water liquefies oil and grease easily making them easier to flush down the drain. It may also help if you add dishwashing liquid along the process. The combination of hot water and soap makes it even easier to remove oil residues.

3. Baking soda and vinegar combination

One thing you can also try doing aside from combining hot water and dishwashing liquid is baking soda and vinegar.

Pour one half cup of baking soda down the drain followed by a cup of white vinegar. Close the drain by placing the drain stopper. Boil water and pour it down (preferably a teakettle amount) the drain.

Let the combination work its magic and wait for a couple of minutes. The next thing you know, your garbage disposal unit will be grime and grease-free.

Garbage disposal units need regular cleaning and maintenance. Be mindful of your disposal device’s condition and take time to do some random check-up.

Once you suspect that it’s no longer functioning the same way like it did the first time you used it, don’t hesitate to have it cleaned!

How many times do you clean your garbage disposal device? Share us your thoughts on the comments below!