Your garbage disposal unit only runs less than a minute every day. But they make life so convenient that it is hard to live without one. Learning to fix simple problems can always enjoy the benefits of having your garbage disposal.

Drain system is clogged

When the water goes back up the sink, it only means that the disposal unit is clogged. Do not use commercial solvents because they can damage the garbage disposer. Manually remove the clog by detaching the drain line. Be sure to unplug the unit from the electrical system before performing any work on it. If the drain is still clogged, the blockage may be located further down the line. You may need the help of a plumber.

Garbage disposal system stops grinding

Most disposal units are equipped with a safety system that shuts off when it encounters an object that is too hard to grind. This system is installed for your safety and to give the disposer a longer lifespan. To fix this, simply press the reset button on your unit. Refer to the manual if you are not sure where it is located.

The problem may also be with the circuit breaker. Check if it has popped. If it did, just turn it back on. Professional servicing may be required if the fuse is blown.

The disposal makes rattling metallic noises, humming sound, or squealing noise

Metallic noises are often caused by hard objects that have been thrown into the unit. They bounce around the blades causing that rattling noise. Turn off and unplug the disposal, put on heavy duty work gloves, and remove the object. Be sure to disconnect the unit from the electrical source to avoid injury.

A low, humming noise is often caused by the flywheel being stuck. This happens when an object that is too hard to grind stops the blades. Just remove the blockage from the base of the disposal unit. Use the wrench that came in with the box. Run cold water after removing the blockage. Hit the reset button and your unit is good to go again. Contact a professional if the whirring noise does not stop after you have performed these steps.

Squealing noises often indicate a failing bearing or flywheel (depend on the type of unit that you have). Immediately power the disposal system off and have it serviced by a professional.

Garbage disposal system will not power off

When the disposal unit does not power off, it may be caused by the electrical system. The top of the outlet might be attached to the switch while the lower part may have uninterrupted power supply. Try plugging on a different outlet. If that does not work, have your unit serviced professionally.