The most obvious benefit of having a garbage disposal unit is convenience: just pour the food waste down the sink and it’s gone. But you will be surprised by how much having a simple waste disposer can contribute to our well-being and the preservation of our environment. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits that your good old unit gives. If you do not have one yet, then maybe it’s about time you do.

Lesser food waste goes into the landfill

About 34 million tons of food wastes every year go into the landfill. They account for 12.5% of all the solid waste produced annually. Decomposing food waste emits a greenhouse gas called methane, which is 20 times more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide. About one fifth of total methane production comes from food wastes alone.

Having a waste disposal unit means that you would not be contributing to those food wastes that go into the landfills. You have contributed to minimizing the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere in your own way. Moreover, you have lessened that amount of food that gets incinerated in landfills, which consequently reduces the amount of emissions from food waste.

More sanitary household

Decomposing food attracts pests, animals, and insects. Dogs, raccoons, fruit flies—there are many more animals that can mess up with a garbage bag full of food scraps. Moreover, decomposing scrap can also build up bacteria inside the garbage can. Having a disposal unit ensures that your food will go into the sewage system and not in the garbage can where they can produce harmful bacteria. It also means that you will be using fewer garbage bags and help the environment in the process.

Methane gas and fertilizers from food scraps

Some cities have adopted a method where they extract methane supply from the sewage system. Sewage water is treated to and the extracted methane is used to generate electric power. Some cities are also treating sewage water to convert it into phosphorous-based fertilizers.

Extend the lifespan of your kitchen plumbing

Overtime, food scrap can build up inside the kitchen plumbing. It can be a huge hassle and quite a bit of an expense to have those pipes unclogged. Having a garbage disposal system helps in preventing clogged pipes by grinding scraps thoroughly so they do not clog up the drain.

If cost is the only thing that is holding you back from having a disposal, then think about this: operating a waste disposal unit only accounts for less than 1% of a household’s electrical bill. Plus, good units sell very cheap these days, they even come with excellent warranty. Installation is also a breeze and, with the right tools, you can even do it yourself.