garbage disposal device cleaningMuch the same with any other device you have at home, your garbage disposal unit also needs regular cleaning.

With the amount of waste it filters and crushes at a daily basis, small residue will eventually accumulate to a bigger and bulkier waste that has the potential of clogging your device, making it less functional in the long run.

When should you clean your garbage disposal device?

Cleaning your garbage disposal unit may vary in frequency depending on how often you use it in a day and how much workload or waste you throw in it per usage.

One common sign that you need to get it cleaned is the presence of bad odor arising from your sink. The bad odor will not be that apparent at first but sooner or later, you will start to get a sniff of it while doing your chores in the kitchen.

Don’t wait for the odor to scatter on the entire dining and hall and get your hands on it! Below are 3 ways, you can use to clean your disposal unit to ensure that you maintain a well-groomed atmosphere at home minus the unwanted bad smell from rotten foods.

1st way: Water and Bleach combination

Bleach is a very good agent in killing germs and is a common means used to freshen up the drain. However, it also has the tendency to harden grease in your disposal unit if too much is poured down.

A recommended solution would be a tablespoon of bleach mixed to a gallon of water. Slowly pour this solution down your garbage disposal unit and allow it to stay still for a couple of minutes (approximately 3-5 minutes.)

Turn on the warm tap water and let it flush down your water-bleach solution. Flush it several times to ensure that the bleach is totally removed from your disposal unit.

2nd way: Ice and citrus peels combination

Citrus peels from fruits like oranges and lemons (and any other citrus fruits) are highly recommended in adding fresh scent on your garbage disposal unit.

You may begin the process by adding ice cubes in the drain and then placing in the citrus peels after. You will not only be able to clean your unit but will also be adding a fresh and natural scent on it.

3rd way: Powdered borax

If you’re not a fan of chemical combinations, then the use of powdered borax may appeal to you better.

All you need to do is to pour down 3 to 4 tablespoon of borax in your garbage disposal unit and let it do its wonders for about an hour. Prepare hot water while waiting to pour it down the unit an hour after.

Repeat the process of pouring down hot water if necessary to ensure that no borax residue is left.

There you have it! 3 easy-to-follow ways in personally cleaning your disposal unit anytime of the day!

How often do you clean your garbage disposal device? Is there any other step you think is effective? Share it with us on the comments below!