Disposing Non-biodegradable Wastes


A lot of the things that cause blocked pipes and drainage systems are non-biodegradable wastes.

You might have thought that since they are just small, they have no way of affecting the overall function of your drainage.

Unfortunately it’s the contrary. It’s because of the small size of the non-biodegradable wastes like cotton balls and hair that we allow them to be flushed down our sink not considering what happens once they get in the pipe.

Remember that non-biodegradable materials DON’T DECAY. They can stay inside your pipe for as long as you let it and accumulate until such time when you can no longer use your drainage without having it fixed by a plumber.

As we mentioned on the other post, you don’t throw down your sink things aside from food. If it’s not food, then they’re not meant to be for your sink or for your pipe or for your drainage system.

Instead of letting them down your pipe, here are practical tips (common but often ignored) that you can do instead in handling non-biodegradable wastes:

Tip no. 1: REDUCE

If you don’t need it, then don’t buy it. Sometimes, we fall into the temptation of buying something even if we don’t use it. The next thing we know they’re already on their expiration dates and that we need to throw them away.

Also, if you can find an alternative that will help you reduce the amount of non-biodegradables in your home, then grab it. For instance, rather than settling for plastics as means to contain your grocery, you can ask to have your items packed in a paper.

Tip no. 2: REUSE

Non-biodegradable materials may look useless at first glance. But if you carefully think about your options you’ll find many.

For instance, a plastic cookies container can look useless in the absence of the sweet treats inside it. But if you use the container to store something else like supply candies or sugar, then you’ll not only be able to use it again, but you also don’t have to throw it away.

Tip no. 3: RECYCLE

But what if you can’t reduce the usage of something and can’t think of ways to reuse it as well, shall you throw it away?

You should once you’ve exhausted every possible means that you can recycle it.

A lot of non-biodegradable materials like plastics, glass and rubber have potentials to be recycled and be use for a different purpose.

For instance, plastic jars that you think of throwing since you already have a lot of reused jars at home can be recycled and made into a vase.

You can buy a paint (whose container can be recycled as well) and add various designs on the glass. You can create a simple polka dots design to the more complicated kanji letterings. The design is your choice!

Look around your house and check if there are non-biodegradable wastes you plan on throwing away one of these days.

Considering the tips above, what can you do to make those things useful again?