Garbage disposals were first used in 1927 but it was not until the past few decades that they have become a very common part of the household. Convenience contributes to the increase of its usage. But in order to make the most out of your unit, you have to find the one that suits your home best. Let’s break down each part of the garbage disposal to help you decide which one you should buy.


Some areas do not allow the installation of a garbage disposal because they add more strain to the sewers. There are only a few areas that ban waste disposers but it is always good to be sure.

Feed type

There are two different feed types: batch and continuous feed. Continuous feed disposals are those that are turned on and off by a switch. It is the more convenient type of garbage disposal. On the other hand, batch feed disposals have a lid and requires you to put the food into a chamber. The grinder will not be activated until the lid is close, making it the safer type of disposal. It is more difficult to operate but it is preferred my most homeowners who have young children.

Motor size

The motor size will depend on how big the sink is. The most common motor size is the ¾ horse power because it is powerful enough to grind most food waste but compact enough to be fitted in most sinks. More compact models are available and usually come with ½ and ¼ horse power motors. 1 HP garbage disposals are also available. It is ideal for bigger families and can ground even the more fibrous food wastes like chicken bones. However, fitting it into the restrictive areas under the sink can be a problem. It is best to know how much space you have under the sink before going to the store or ordering online.

Grinding chamber

The grind chamber is where the rotating metal turn table is located. It is in this chamber that food is ground so they can smoothly go down the pipe. A grinding chamber made of stainless steel is best because it does not rust and is also easier to clean.


It is very important to know the conditions and duration of your product warranty. This way, you will know which repairs and replacements will be covered by the manufacturer. Generally, the more high-end products have the longer warranties. They can even have warranties that last for a lifetime. It may quite be an investment to buy a high-end garbage disposal but the return in terms of performance and warranty can be remarkable.

Extra features

Some garbage disposal units are equipped with special features such as noise reduction, corrosion guards, and anti-splash. Garbage disposal systems that have these features may be more costly but their performance will be a good tradeoff.