Garbage Disposal Uni


What sets apart the low-end garbage disposal unit from the high-end ones is its horsepower.

The horsepower level of the device defines how strong, fast and capable it is to crush harder food objects.

The highest horsepower is 1. However, you need to remember that choosing the right one for you is not dependent on what horsepower seemed better but what you need relative to your family size and frequency of usage.

Below is the recommended horsepower for different types of setting. Identify what setting you’re in (or closer to) and see what horsepower works for you.

½ horsepower

If you’re living alone or with a partner, then ½ horsepower may be enough for you. This disposal unit is ideal for a condo or an apartment setting. This garbage unit is also good for your getaway or vacation homes where it doesn’t get so much workload.

One word of caution: When inviting people in and staying over for a food party, gathering and the like where you are likely to gather a lot of food wastes, make sure you don’t put all the food wastes in the disposal unit in one go.

This type of unit is not meant for heavy workload so try cutting off food wastes into smaller pieces and throw them over one at a time.

¾ horsepower

This disposal unit is perfect for a small family setting at a daily basis. This is also the most commonly found unit in a typical American household.

One word of caution: Make sure that you tell your kids (if any) about what foods are allowed to be thrown down to the unit and what not. Most of the problems related to clogging and jamming about this unit is caused by improper throwing of food and non-food materials into the grinder.

1 horsepower

This is the highest horsepower level and is ideal for big families where huge traffic is expected. Compared to the other two units above, this unit is more tolerant when it comes to big food wastes being thrown into it.

This unit is also recommended for business or office setting where more traffic is expected.

One word of caution: While this unit is more tolerant to bigger amount of food wastes, it is still safer to be mindful and don’t throw down food wastes altogether. This will prevent future problems of clogging, jamming and faster dulling of blades.

The most important thing when deciding what unit to buy is to be aware of what you need.

You can start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • How many are we in the family?
  • How often do I (we) need to use the disposal unit?
  • What will be most preferable for me and my family (kids)?

Despite being the most powerful among the units, 1 horsepower is also the most expensive and if you don’t use it a lot, then it’s quite not practical to spend too much.

The most expensive is not always the best. Know your needs and choose one that addresses it directly.

What horsepower are you using at home? Are you satisfied with its performance?

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