Garbage is an output of a used or defect products. They are loitered all around the streets, backyards, and rivers or even underwater.

Disposing this garbage takes time if we do it manually. Separating biodegradable to non-biodegradable is a hassle thing to do.

Due to this problem, a disposing device was invented to lessen household duties on disposing rubbishes and it is called Garbage Disposal Device.

A Garbage Disposal Device is comprised of a number of garbage disposal parts whose common purpose is to dispose of food particles that need to be properly thrown away.

There are important parts a Garbage Disposal Device contains so that it will work properly.

The most commonly known parts are printed below.

Most Know Parts


You can see this part by looking into the drain of your kitchen sink. The one that touches the food first in the process of disposing your sinks waste is this part. It has the appearance similar to that of the plug of a sink drain. It has a movement that opens and closes so that the food or waste can pass through it easily.


The chamber of the hopper piece looks like a sink drain that is turned upside-down. It pushes the food waste and food particles into the shredder of the disposal.

The hopper is located under the sink, and this part can only be seen by opening the cabinet. The hopper part of the Garbage Disposal Device ends at the clamping ring.

The clamping ring attaches the hopper to the stopper of the Garbage Disposal Device.


The shredder piece of the Garbage Disposal Device starts where the clamping ring piece stops. After the clamping ring, there is a motor house gasket which can be described as a thin washer made of rubber. After this part are the shredder and impeller parts of the garbage disposal that works together to grind the food substances that need to be disposed of. The shredder and the impeller then simultaneously break the food substances into little, tiny pieces through a number of slots, blades, and holes. The ground food then goes to the drain housing, then out a drain disposal pipe for proper disposal.

More Detailed Parts

A Garbage Disposal Device does not go with only 3 parts. It has other companions to help each other so that the device will perform well.

There are many detailed parts that are listed below.

  • Stopper
  • Sink-Mounting Flange
  • Support Flange
  • Support Screws
  • Hopper
  • Stopper Switch
  • Inlet for Dishwasher
  • Clamping Ring
  • Motor Housing Gasket
  • Shredder
  • Impeller
  • Drain Chamber
  • Shredder Housing
  • Drain
  • Power Supply
  • Reset Button

These parts are arranged accordingly from top to bottom.

A Garbage Disposal Device has some things that it can’t do.

It cannot dispose all kind of garbage such as glass, plastic, metal or even paper. As I said, it’s commonly used for food wastes and particles.

A Garbage Disposal Device in a kitchen is a good thing for it’s a great appliance that makes household duties less demanding.

You must dispose properly your garbage even though you don’t have a Garbage Disposal Device.