Help Bring Relief To The Storm Victims

No one can be unmoved with the appalling reports and newsreel coming out of the Philippines this week.  We are pleased to support the relief effort in the Philippines via a trusted friend of ours Julius Abendan in Cebu who has set up a charity to help.  Julius has worked for us on our disposer website design and marketing.  His area is suffering from a lack of water and by donating direct to him you avoid the money going into one big pot with no accountability or transparency plus he gets it immediately as he receives donations via paypal.  Please join us in supporting him and his efforts to help his relatives and friends who are suffering.  We have donated and know that 100% of the money gets used directly and quickly ie no charity overheads.  For more details go to our facebook page.  We can also pass on donations if you would rather we do it on your behalf.