Disposal Owners


Taking good care of disposal unit is an integral part in its longevity.

The general rule is simple: If you don’t take care of it properly (which includes regular cleaning and following the do’s and don’ts in using the device), you can’t expect it to last long.

But even if homeowners do take care of their units, there will always be other risk that can potentially affect the overall function of the device.

Below are the top challenges faced by homeowners when it comes to their disposal units.

Improper Installation

Since do-it-yourself process is becoming more popular, a lot of household at present would prefer instructions about waste disposal device installation and do it themselves.

This is generally acceptable given that you have the necessary tools and slight background of how to perform basic screwing, connecting and wiring.

However, a lot of cases in improper installation have been reported by families who did the installation themselves. Again, there’s nothing wrong with installing the device by yourself. In fact it’s recommended if you’re capable of doing it right so you don’t need to pay a professional to do it for you.

Improper installation is not inconvenient but is also dangerous if not fixed immediately.

Broken pipes                                                    

You might have successfully installed your disposal unit. But with an originally broken pipe connecting it, you’ll soon find yourself struggling to keep water overflows at bay. Broken pipes also contribute to backwater which is highly unsanitary.

Following the Do’s and Don’ts

If following the do’s and don’ts in using your garbage disposal unit is that easy, then we wouldn’t be hearing any complains about clogged pipes and broken grinder. But we do hear them – a lot of times.

This means that even the specific do’s and don’ts are not that easy to follow (or if it is, then people just choose to be careless).

Irregular cleaning

One of the leading challenges in owning a disposal unit is keeping it clean at all times. Remember that the device is exposed to a lot of food wastes every day and the possibility of building up bad odor in the long run is high.

This scenario demands for regular cleaning to remove any stuck food wastes that may cause the bad odor. Unfortunately a lot of us choose to set aside regular cleaning thinking that by simply letting tap water run is enough.

Cleaning your disposal unit is more than just letting water flow into it. You can check the step by step guide in cleaning your disposal unit on a previous post.

Technical Glitches

And of course we have these technical glitches which happens anytime and even on the most unexpected situation.

Minor technical glitches can be fixed by simple troubleshooting. But there are some problems especially those that concern wiring which need professional support.

Homeowners who choose to delay fixing the minor technical glitch could pave the way to a more serious problem later on.

What do you consider as the most challenging thing you’ve so far encountered about your disposal unit?

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